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Invitation to Participate in the Summer School of Regional Studies “DISCOVER LATVIA VIA LATGALE REGION”

We kindly invite students and academic staff representatives to participate in the Summer School “DISCOVER LATVIA VIA LATGALE REGION” organized by Daugavpils University, Latvia.

During the Summer School you will experience:

  • interactive intensive Latvian language learning;
  • practical language tours via excursions in Latgale, meeting national cuisine, traditions and cultural heritage; 
  • acquaintance with ancient crafts and modern innovations in regional context;
  • unique opportunity to visit municipality institutions;
  • participation in press conferences and cooperation with regional mass media;
  • building new contacts with people all over the world.

The language of instruction is Latvian and English. All students will be provided with language learning materials. Students completing the course will be issued a certificate of attendance (6 ECTS).

❗   There are only 10 scholarships available for participation in the Summer School. The winners will be selected by evaluating motivation letters, where the reason of participation should preferably be indicated.

It is possible to participate in the Summer School for charge: participation fee is 490,00 EUR.


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